Mr. Williams: Lively, Energetic, and an Inspiration to All


Liz Daley, Staff Writer

Mr. Williams, one of Northgate’s resident Civics teachers, succeeds in making his Government class exciting. As a former student, when I look back on his class I think about the amazing experience in his class. Many of my friends who have had him as their teacher say the same. From having a new outfit every single day during spirit week to match the theme, to helping his students learn about our government today, Mr. Williams has a mix of energy and fun with a side of learning in his classroom. So, why not get into some of the backstory of the teacher that students of all grades know and love?

  Mr. Williams has been a teacher here at our very own school, Northgate, for several years, but he didn’t always want to be a teacher. In fact, his first dream job was a pediatrician, but, of course, it changed to teaching overtime. It is a job that he very much enjoys and he states that if he could go back, he would definitely still remain a teacher.

 I asked him what his favorite part about teaching is and what he loves most about his students to which he replied, “Just learning the new ideas about what I teach and building relationships with my students.” In fact, this would be one of his student’s favorite parts about him. Many students I’ve talked to appreciate how Mr. Williams was able to develop a one-on-one relationship with them. It certainly makes Government easier to learn when you have an easier time talking to the teacher. Another interesting fact about him would be that he is also qualified to be a Spanish teacher. He was not always a Civics teacher and taught a few years of Spanish before transferring over to the social studies department. It certainly helps since I asked him more questions about Spanish than I ever did my Spanish teacher.

 Going off that, I asked him if teaching students had impacted him in any sort of way since he had begun his teaching career to which he replied, “Definitely, it has taught me to be more flexible, especially with plans and that it’s okay if it goes wrong.”

 As my last question, I asked him how he thought he had made government fun for his students. The one on one experience was what ended up being his answer, as well as the inclusion of visuals, videos, and games. It agreed with what his current and former students had said about their experience in his classroom, and it made Civics much more enjoyable.

 Mr. Williams is definitely an outstanding teacher, and for those taking Civics next year, don’t be scared, because if you happen to have Mr. Williams, you’ll have an amazing time in his class. I promise in the years following you will most definitely miss it. I’ve talked to several juniors and seniors in the school who would love to have the chance to be back in his classroom. He is the teacher who managed to make Government fun for everyone, despite however much you may despise school.