How Movies of 2018 May Differ from 2017


Liz Daley, Staff Writer

It’s no secret that 2017 wasn’t the greatest year for the movie industry. No matter how highly anticipated they were, the movies that premiered just seemed to fall short of expectation. In 2017, there were very few movies released that made a lasting impression. For instance, Star Wars: The Last Jedi was not as favorable by some viewers as it was expected; however some of you Star Wars fans may have fully enjoyed this film. Other people like myself, and many others that I’ve heard from (a few being avid Star Wars fans) felt this film was rushed. There wasn’t as much action unlike the comic book. Seeing as they stayed on the ship for a majority of it, and the added attempt at the love story was mediocre at best.

 Movies just didn’t give me the same feeling as they have in previous years. Even 2016 was a bust for movie critics and goers. Being a big fan of the Marvel industry myself, Captain America: Civil War was beyond a disappointment that wasn’t redeemed until last year when Thor: Ragnorak was released. It was one of the few good movies to come out in 2017 as well.  So, I wonder, will 2018 actually be a good year for movies?

 Despite the disappointments last year, the past is the past, and this year seems more promising than the previous few in more ways than one. Fans of each individual movie genre will have movies to match their tastes. For the action fans out there, like me, Marvel is coming out with several huge movies to add to their Marvel universe. Something for those romantic boys and girls will be released as well with Fifty Shades Freed. Even those who prefer musicals got a little taste of the movies this year with The Greatest Showman being released at the very end of 2017. Although being released last year, the movie has made a lasting impression on many by having the first original soundtrack in twenty-three years. I haven’t met a single person who has said a bad thing about this movie; even those who dislike musicals enjoy this film. The catchy tunes are being sung everywhere by people. Some say that they believe this movie will continue on to become a classic.

 For the horror fans out there, 2017 wasn’t a disappointment with the release of the It remake. It was arguably among one of the best horror films released yet, but in 2018, a legendary franchise is about to end. Insidious: The Last Key is the final installment of the Insidious movies and hopefully, it will live up to the expectations its fans have. Slender-Man is also joining the final Insidious movie for 2018’s horror line-up. Don´t worry, Disney fans will have nothing to fear in 2018 because The Incredibles are here! The long awaited sequel to the Disney movie loved by many is arriving in 2018! Let’s just hope Incredibles 2 lives up to Disney’s track record for producing fantastic sequels including Toy Story 2 and Finding Dory. No worries for Star Wars fans, though. Despite how you may have felt about The Last Jedi, Hans Solo is getting his own movie this year which should make a few people happy, at the very least. And to top things off, the Harry Potter franchise is adding another movie to their practically never-ending list of J.K. Rowling’s artistry. Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald is arriving in 2018 to give fans a little something more.

 With this line-up of movies, this year all of a sudden seems a little less daunting when it comes to the movie industry, and I guess we’ll all be looking forward to seeing some of these movies in theaters this year.