Northgate Names 2018 Academic Achievements

Northgate Names 2018 Academic Achievements

Bailey Bullard, Staff Writer

Northgate High School sends its most sincere congratulations to the Valedictorian, Salutatorian, and Star Students of the class of 2018. We have been eagerly awaiting the outcome since August, and the results have finally arrived. It is our great honor to congratulate these students for their academic achievements.

Not many were surprised when Spencer Thomas and Arthi Shankar were announced as the Valedictorian and Salutatorian of Northgate’s senior class. Both of these students are incredibly hard workers and pour every effort into their studies. But even for the most devoted of students, hearing the title said aloud is a difficult feeling to express. “I was speechless,” Spencer describes. “I was so excited and relieved that all the hard work that I had put into my grades and school had finally paid off.” Similarly, Arthi explains, “I was elated… it was cool to be recognised for all the time and effort.” To come anywhere close to the top of one’s class, one must be willing to struggle through difficult courses and dig in even when the material seems impossible to understand. Not only should one be academically focused, but they should also be able to remain organized and involved. For Spencer, “becoming an organized person and taking as many AP classes as possible really helped me see my goals become a reality. Writing down due dates and assignments… helped me avoid simple mistakes and kept me on track.” As for Arthi, she found her motivation through “hard work and learning from failure. I used any possible free time I had to make sure I could get my studying and homework done.”

The Star Student is the one that makes the highest score on the SAT in a single sitting and is also in the top 10% of their class. This year, Northgate is pleased to announce that we have two Star Students, Natalie Caylor and Spencer Thomas. ”I was very surprised when I was told I had been named STAR student!” Natalie shares. “Of course, I was hopeful, but I was shocked when I heard the news.” Spencer adds,”I thought that someone else surely would have received a higher grade than me, but I was extremely happy when I got the honor.” Both Natalie and Spencer received a 1550 on the SAT. Anyone who has taken this test would know that the material is not easy to master, and both agreed that the classes they took ultimately prepared them best for the SAT, although additional practice is also beneficial.

One part of being a Star Student is getting the opportunity to select your Star Teacher. Natalie choose one of her elementary school teachers, Mrs. Deling. “…She has had such a profound influence in my life,” Natalie says. “More than any other teacher, she taught me the skills that will help me succeed in life and be a better person.” As for Spencer, he choose AP European History teacher, Mr. Burns. “ I chose Mr. Burns because of his dedication to his students and his class,” Spencer explains. “… [He] really does go above and beyond in his job.”

So where will our top students of Northgate end up? Spencer is currently debating between Georgia Tech and Auburn, but regardless of where he ends up, he intends to major in chemical engineering. Arthi has applied to UGA, UAB, Mercer, Augusta, Emory, Boston, and Northwestern, but remains undecided thus far. She plans to major in biochemistry and molecular biology with a pre-med track. As for Natalie, she will attend the University of Utah in the fall and hopes to end up in either the business or medical field. But wherever these students end up, their achievements have shown that they will have what it takes to accel in whatever field they choose to pursue. Congratulations once again to Spencer Thomas, Arthi Shankar, and Natalie Caylor for their outstanding achievements.