Russia Banned from the Olympics


Stephanie West, Staff Writer

Early last week, The IOC officially decided to ban the Russians from the Pyeongchang Olympics, in response to Russia’s systematic manipulation of the anti-doping rules. This comes just as we are less than 10 weeks away from the next Winter Olympics.

The IOC’s decided that Russia will not be allowed to play in the next Olympic games. However, they have decided that if any of the athletes are found to have not been involved in the scandal, they will be able to participate, but only if they do not wear the Russian flag, and play the Russian anthem. Instead they will compete under the name of OAR, Olympic Athlete from Russia, and their uniforms will bear the Olympic flag.

Other punishments include the withdrawal of Dmitry Chernyshenko from the coordination commission for Beijing in 2022, suspension of the ROC President Alexander Zhukov from the IOC, and many other rulings.

The major issue now is how the IOC will decide which athletes are clean, and able to play in the olympics. The requirements they are going forth with are as follows: they must meet the qualification standards for their respective sport, they must be considered clean, have not been disqualified or declared ineligible  by any anti-doping violation, and they have gone through all the pre-game testing, which will be recommended by the panel.  

All of this comes from the extreme pressure from 37 other countries, who were calling for a blanket ban on the Russian Olympic Committee. The IOC is finally firm in its decision. However, if Russia follows the rules this time and does not get in any trouble, then they might lighten up at the next games.