War Criminal


Stephanie West, Staff Writer

On Wednesday, November the 29th, while in a UN court, Slobodan Praljak refused to accept the guilty verdict that he had been dealt. He then pulled out and drank from a small plastic cup, and stated that he was no war criminal, and that he opposed the conviction. It was later confirmed that the substance in the plastic cup was potassium cyanide.

Praljak was one of the six Bosnian Croats that were on trial for being guilty of war crimes. He was to be convicted after 20 years in jail, for his crimes against Bosnian Muslims. However no one will end up serving his term because he did not make it. According to the Toxicological Report, he drank potassium cyanide which caused him to have a heart attack. Praljak was 73 years old.

Croatian Prime Minister sent his condolences to Praljak’s family. He said that he found it absurd that they found the six Bosnian Croats guilty, and yet they did not find any of  Serbia’s wartime leaders, especially the late President Slobodan Milosevic, of war time crimes in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Many Croatians seem unhappy with the verdict, calling it unjust and not based on history.