Are Hall Passes Really Necessary?

Claire Baker, Staff Writer

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In the high school world, students are used to hearing the phrase, “Grab a hall pass on your way out!” But one question students frequently ask is, “Why?” What is the actual purpose of hall passes? What problem are they attempting to resolve? The definition of hall pass is that the purpose is to proactively protect schools and safeguard vulnerable children, but do teens really need to be so closely protected or safeguarded?

Most students would admit to not knowing the purpose for these passes, but would teachers say they know why every student has to carry a hall pass anytime they leave the class? A Northgate science teacher, Ms. Barnett, said that she thought, “the passes are so any teacher or administrator can know where a student in the hallway is going, or where they are coming from.” Although Ms. Barnett may know why our administrators have the hall passes, she also says, “I don’t really think that hall passes make a difference in catching students who skip.” A freshman student, Brianna Whipple, says that, “Hall passes do not help. Hall passes won’t make kids skip less, if that’s even their purpose.” If the people who come to this school everyday don’t even believe in the hall passes, what is their purpose?

Hall passes simply aren’t necessary. No one is truly sure of why we are required to use them, and in the end, there is not really a reason.

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Are Hall Passes Really Necessary?