JFK Conspiracy

JFK Conspiracy

Stephanie West, Staff Writer

On the 26th of October, 28,000 files were finally released after the decree 25 years ago. It was said exactly 25 years ago, on the 26th, if the current president did not object to it, files regarding the Kennedy assassination would be released to the general public. Luckily for conspiracy theorists, President Donald Trump has decided that most of the files shall be released. Of the 33,000 that were to be originally released, only 28,000 were released. That means that 5,000 files were determined important enough to be kept secret.

For conspiracy theorists, these files are a metaphorical playground. They contain the conclusions of two different committees after they looked into the assassination of President Kennedy. The first committee to look into the death of Kennedy was during the time period of the Johnson Administration, and was called the Warren Commission because it was under the charge of Supreme Court Chief Justice Earl Warren. The Warren Commission ruled that Lee Harvey Oswald was the one to fire the bullet that killed President Kennedy.

The second committee, The House of Representatives Select Committee, agreed in the statement that Oswald killed Kennedy. However, the claims on how many people were involved in the murder of Kennedy differed when it came to the allegations that no one else was involved in the assassination, like the Warren Commission initially indicated. The House of Representatives Select Committee argued that while Oswald was the one to fire the bullet, someone else was there and had a gun.

There were many other files that were released, and long time secrets were revealed. However, five-thousand files were not released– this excited many theorists even further than before. The files that were not included revolve around the Fidel Castro operation, other wise known as Operation Mongoose which was from 1961-1963. These were withheld because President Trump was highly encouraged to keep this information on a need-to-know basis.