Cons of Halloween


Olivia Harvey, Staff Writer

Has Halloween become more dangerous and detrimental to children? Halloween is a time for kids to enjoy a night of dressing up, eating as many treats as they want, and a time for fun and excitement. Every trick-or-treater thinks that because they are with others, they are protected from potential Halloween night threats, but are they really safe?

The pros of Halloween are widely known, but what about the cons? Some parents believe Halloween has a negative effect on their children, making them greedy and selfish. Other negative effects include kids running among the streets and forgetting to watch for cars. Parents don’t typically debate whether the candy is bad or not for the child and this is a bad thing. People need to realize the risks posed to children on Halloween in order to protect them.

 Adults don’t typically think about all the things that could go wrong during Halloween night or how it could affect their child. Car accidents increase dramatically in Georgia on Halloween night. Adults aren’t aware of how much danger they put their children in when they let them run out into the streets, and safety for the children should be parent’s biggest concern. Children are more vulnerable on Halloween night because of the inherent dangers. Parents don’t realize why the candy could be a danger. Kids are getting candy from strangers. Adults are unaware of where that candy came from, so they should check the candy out and see if it’s okay for the child to have. All these harms can cause such an unsafe, risky night.

Halloween can be dangerous to this community. There are so many possible hazards to children. Parents and children are somewhat clueless to all the potential harms.  While Halloween does pose many danger to kids, there is always the possibility of fun and excitement in the end.