Should Arts Students be Able to Letter?

Chris Gaydon, Staff Writer

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Lettering is a big part of any high school athlete’s life, but they aren’t the only ones sporting the familiar patches these days. Students in the Fine Arts programs are lettering as well, leaving people to ask, “Should Arts students really be able to letter?”

When an athlete letters in a sport, they prove that they are not only proficient, but they’ve gone above and beyond the expectations set for them. Can the same be said about Arts students? Emma Hill, a Senior in the Northgate Band, says yes. She says, “We spend just as much time as sports and what we do is in some ways even more challenging. It’s not necessarily athletic, but it’s still putting ourselves out there.”

Whether they’re art students or athletes, anyone can recognize the importance of letters. Emma Hill says, “I feel like they’re important because it shows you went above and beyond. To get a letter you not only must participate, but go above and beyond and strive for it.Letters are an important part of the high school experience, regardless of what a student letters in.

All that should matter is the dedication and hard work a student puts forth to receive their letter. Whether or not they are an athlete should not be a defining factor in receiving the symbolic patch. Regardless of what program a student is a part of, if they strive to be the best that they can be, they are as deserving of a letter as any other individual.