Atlanta United breaks MLS records and ties NYRB in the highest scoring MLS game


Ashfiq Islam, Staff Writer

7 – 0 is a score that all New York Red Bull fans will never forget. On May 21st, 2016, the NYRB beat NYFC 7-0, and now, in Atlanta United’s inaugural season, AU joins that same elite club. On Wednesday, September 13th, Atlanta United beat the New England Revolution 7 – 0. It is noted that Atlanta might have the most fierce attacking in the league, while the Revs are said to have the worst defense. With those stats, people did predict that Atlanta would win, but no one expected that they would win in such a dominant fashion.

Oddly enough, another record was broken in that same dominant game. New England Revolution didn’t get a single shot in the game, a record as the first game in MLS history to not have a shot taken from one of the teams playing. Atlanta United has broken a few records this year, including, the best fan base in the MLS, the best inaugural team ever in MLS, tying the record goal count in a single game, and soon will sell the most tickets to a single MLS game ever.