Bulldog’s Hot Start and Possible Quarterback Controversy


Olivia Harvey, Staff Writer

The University of Georgia is a renowned school, known for its great academic rigor and widely popular football team. UGA is one of the main colleges here in Georgia, located in Athens. UGA’s football team prepared all summer for the 2017-18 season, and are off to a great start. But do they have what it takes to win the SEC East and battle for a chance to play for a national championship?

Georgia is ready for their new season of football and prepared to take on what’s in store for them. Georgia had their first game of the season four weeks ago against the Appalachian State Mountaineers, with Georgia winning 31-10.  So far, it has been easy for them to climb the polls, but it didn’t come easy to starting quarterback Jacob Eason.  At the very beginning of the first game of the season, Eason tried to throw the ball to an open player, yet failed and decided to run the ball. When he did, an Appalachian state player came in and pushed him out of bounds, causing Eason to fall and hyper-extend his knee. Eason tried to recover, but fell on the field and the injury crew soon came to the rescue. It has been confirmed that  Eason severely hyper-extended his knee, causing him to be out for three weeks or more.

Now that Jacob Eason is out, Jake Fromm, Georgia’s backup quarterback, is finally able to prove himself to the team. Fromm came in as a freshman and when he stepped onto the field, he had big shoes to fill. Within the first few seconds of the game however, Fromm scored a touchdown, putting the Bulldogs up by 7. He scored more and more after that. With 4 wins under his belt , Fromm is making his way to the top.

The Georgia bulldogs are now 4 – 0. Is this because of Jake Fromm, or would they still be 4 – 0 with Eason? Either way, Georgia is headed to the top and fighting for the championship trophy to prove themselves to everyone who has doubted them.