London Attack


Stephanie West, Staff Writer

Early Friday morning there was a tragic attack on London’s subway system. So far there have been no confirmed deaths, but the injury toll has climbed up to 22. This was an atrocity that is suspected to be committed by two adults, an 18 year-old foster child and a 22 year-old, both of which were fostered by long time foster parents Ronald and Penelope Jones. At the time, the 18 year-old was living with their foster parents, and was a refugee from Iraq after both of their parents were killed. The device used in the attempt to blow up the train, headed westbound to the other-side of the city, was a simple bucket bomb. However, simplicity was more than enough to create mass chaos and panic, as well as many injured people. The effects of the blast were long reaching. While the bomb did not blow up the subway train, it did give several people severe burns and caused a stampede that injured many more people.

Unfortunately our president did not help the situation by speculating as to what could have occurred at 8:20 on Friday morning. Which then caused many others to spread rumors, therefore taking away time and attention from the actual matter at hand. To make matters worse this is not the first time something like this has happened. Our president is known to speculate and throw around words on his twitter accounts, both his personal account and his presidential account. On many occasions it has been said that perhaps the public opinion of him would be higher, if only slightly, if he would simply stop using his twitter account recklessly.

Right now the police are working their hardest to solve this case and making sure that the people of London are safe. Overall, while the situation was not desirable, it was not as disastrous as it certainly could have been.