Freshman Survival Guide

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Freshman Survival Guide

Kelly Leishear, Staff Writer

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High school is generally considered a time in everyone’s life when you begin to discover who you are as an individual and establish friendships that often last a lifetime. High school can also be a very difficult time, filled with trepidation and uncertainty. However, it’s not as scary as it may seem, I promise. High school is a time where it’s crucial to establish yourself academically and maintain good grades so that you have an opportunity to go to a college of your choice..

There are many intimidating aspects of high school to prepare for, such as: lots of classwork and homework, miles of notes, and maintaining a high grade point average.  An overwhelming amount of school work is stressful, but as long as you manage your time, get your work done, focus in class, and spend approximately an hour on homework every night, you’ll be just fine! At the start of my freshman year, I didn’t put forth as much effort as I should have, and I regret that lack of effort to this day because it still affects my GPA and my future.

On the other hand, there are many things to look forward to when you begin your freshman year! For instance, you’ll have the opportunity to make many friends, get involved in school events, and have a wide range of classes from which to choose. Involvement in high school clubs, sports and activities looks great on college applications!

Here is perhaps the best advice I can give to any upcoming freshmen that will give you a great start to your first year. Most students just “get by” and goof off, especially their freshman and sophomore years, and barely graduate, but that is not the route you want to take. It is important to take your grades seriously when you first begin high school, so that when you become a senior, you aren’t stressed out by trying to improve your GPA. Having a high GPA is your ticket into great colleges and universities, which in return gives you more options for careers.

At the same time, extracurricular activities are another vital area to get involved in. Don’t let anything hold you back from trying something new, because high school is the perfect time to find out what your interests and skills are. Surprisingly, I would’ve never expected myself to be involved in clubs, but here I am in Key Club and I love it! With so many activities to choose from, it’s hard to know what you really enjoy until you give it a try. Also, colleges look for applicants that are involved in some type of activity, whether it’s band, sports, or clubs; This will better your chance of getting into the college of your dreams if you have a great resume!

Lastly, dual enrollment is always a smart option. Dual enrollment gives you an idea of what college coursework will be like and help better prepare you for college. Plus, taking a college course during high school will not only help you find your area of interest, but also saves you time and money since you are beginning college early! These are important actions to take into consideration if you want endless opportunities when you graduate.

As soon as high school starts, get involved in extracurricular activities, keep high grades in all classes, and look into dual enrollment; This way you will have a head start on paving yourself a bright future. So, take this advice and make yourself an easy pathway through your next four years in high school!