Robyn Clarke: One of Northgate’s Many Heroes

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Robyn Clarke: One of Northgate’s Many Heroes

Justyce Clanton, Senior Editor

For many that know her, Robyn Clarke is nothing less than a hero. Robyn was born with Cerebral Palsy, a neurological disorder that appears in infancy or early childhood and permanently affects body movement, muscle coordination and balance.

Interestingly, Robyn doesn’t see her condition as a disability, but more of an advantage. Robyn says that she is “so grateful for the doors [her] disability has opened. CP has given [her] a unique perspective on the world that [she] wouldn’t have otherwise.” She says that because of her CP, she has  met people and done things that she wouldn’t have been able to without it.

October of 2015, Robyn’s biggest dreams came true. The Tim Tebow Foundation decided to grant Robyn her W15H (wish). Robyn and her family had a special dinner at The Capital Grille with Tim Tebow, and that morning they had the opportunity to explore the College Football Hall of Fame with all-access passes to entertain Robyn’s love for Florida Football.

Robyn says meeting Tim Tebow was a “dream come true, and to have the opportunity to tell him what an inspiration he is to [her] was such a blessing.” She was beyond grateful to have the opportunity to meet and get to know him.

Not only is Robyn an amazing friend, W15H recipient, and daughter, but she is also a fantastic writer. She has been working on a young adult novel throughout her career here at Northgate and has high hopes of having it published one day.  Robyn says that “to have the story [she’s] worked on for years become an actual book would be a dream come true, and to be able to inspire someone by through [her] writing would just mean everything to [her].”

Robyn Clarke is far from the average student at Northgate. From her writing abilities to her bright smile, she has touched the lives of many. She personally has inspired me since the day that I met her and she told me about how she doesn’t let her walker define her. Northgate has never and will never have another Robyn Clarke.